About Us


We are a community of innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, creative and industry leading professionals, developers, investors, tech influencers working to create sustainable impacts that reach millions of people. We provide platform to connect, ideate and collaborate, giving birth to successful innovations.

At 720Degree Hub, we create outstanding opportunities for economic prosperity through innovations and entrepreneurship by leveraging on technology.

To be a pillar of support for the success of technology companies and social innovators in Africa

To create an ecosystem for co-creation and collaboration among young people leading to economic prosperity and sustainable innovations

Commitment To Self And Others’ Success: We build a unified team of people who are committed to ensure success in all our dealings.

Accountability And Transparency: We are open and

Integrity: We are who we say we are 

Culture of Ownership: We are dedicated and everyone is important in the event of things

Internal Cohesion: Our unity to get the job done is paramount to everyone in the team

Focused Value: We give priority to every man and every event

Dedication To Service: We go all the way to get the job done


We serve as a springboard for new ideas and innovation and thus helping the society and economy to face future challenges and meets rising aspirations of the growing population.

  • 01 IDEA

  • 02 CONCEPT

  • 03 DESIGN

  • 04 DEVELOP

  • 05 TEST

Have an idea? We’re here to assist.