720Degree Technology and Innovations’ Foundation Launches Its Maiden Scholarship Scheme To Train 200 Tech Talents.

720Degree Technology and Innovations’ Foundation Launches Its Maiden Scholarship Scheme To Train 200 Tech Talents.

720Degree Technology and Innovations’ Foundation Launches her Maiden Scholarship Scheme To Train 200 Tech Talents.

The World Bank in 2017 states, “Youths account for 60% of unemployed people in Africa”. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa has grown to become the World Poverty Capital with 89.6 million people living in extreme poverty (World Poverty Clock 2018). The rise in crime rate, kidnapping, Cybercrime, cattle rustling, armed robbery, Oil Bunkering (theft of crude and petroleum products from pipelines), inter and intra-ethnic clashes across the country for scarce resources cannot be unconnected with this rise in unemployment and poverty.

As the whole world is adjusting to the new normal due to the effect of COVID19 Pandemic and having a good understanding of how the world is been restructured courtesy of technology and innovations across the globe, the need to build pool of tech talents who create wealth and build sustainable and impactful solutions becomes important. Also to cushion the negative economic effect of the Pandemic on the youth, curb poverty and usher in a season of prosperity, 720Degree Technology and Innovations’ Foundation, in line with her goal of building pool of young and employable talents with high Entrepreneurial drive, launches her first scholarship scheme to train aspiring tech talents; our priority is to equip Nigerian youths with the required skills and knowledge to be independent by creating value through innovations and enterprises.

This initiative is aimed to empower aspiring tech talents through intensive training and act as its social development responsibility to the community and the nation at large; the Scholarship Schemes is tagged: Tech Talents Build Up and will be implemented by 720Degree Innovation Hub.

The goal of Tech Talents BuildUp is, amongst others, geared towards empowering and promoting inclusion, employability and entrepreneurship among youths from underserved communities in Nigeria. This will be achieved through intensive training on Web Front-End Development, Data Analytics and Visualization, Digital Marketing Master Classes and Renewable/Solar Power Installation.

Tech Talents Build Up program aims to develop the capacity and capability of youths in tech in order to enhance their employability and entrepreneurial abilities.
The training will be undergone in two (2) Cohorts with each Cohort having 100 participants evenly distributed across the available training courses.

35% of the slot is reserved for People Living With Disabilities (PLWD(excluding deaf and dumb)) and Women/Girls

The training will involve presentation of training schemes to participants as well as projects which will require the participants to proffer solutions to specific socio-economic challenges leveraging technology.
The detailed objectives of Tech Talents Build Up are:
• Preparing Youths to have a career by equipping them with the required skills.
• Equipping Youths to create jobs or build startup businesses.
• Equipping Youths with the necessary coding skills to solve social problems thus making them change agents.
• To ensure successful learning through mentorship sessions
• To expose youths to collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication.
• The establishment of a community of young minds on technology communities with sustainable synergies from Google Developers Group, Facebook Developers Circle and local programming groups through exhibition of projects which gives credence to project based learning activities and web apps.

To qualify for this scholarship scheme, applicants must be:
• Between the ages of 16-35
• Must not be in secondary school.
• Must have one or more barriers to employment.
• Must have passion for learning.

According to Adeyemi Ogundeyi, Co-founder/COO of 720Degree Hub, “Digital skillsets are essential for today’s job, and most demand in the world, unfortunately in Africa the skills are not available for the youths who are mostly in need of it. We decided to partner with tech experts in the world to train the youths and work together to bring the desired change. This scholarship scheme will focus on increasing the participation of low-income communities, girls and women while equipping youths across Africa with the skillsets needed to fill jobs now and the future, This is a way to improve the economy and share the prosperity in the world” he said.

In the selection process, special preferences will be given to People Living With Disability (PLWD) (deaf and dumb excluded), women and girls, children of incarcerated parents and individuals who are school drop outs.

Also, a maximum of 35% of the participants may be individuals who do not meet the eligibility requirements, but who are deficient in basic skills, despite attainment of a secondary school/tertiary education, or and those who have been recommended by local institutions/organization as being in need of the program.

Benefits of the Scheme.
• Intensive coaching and training
• Access to industry experts and best practices
• Supportive community of experts tech professionals.
• Physical/Virtual Mentorship
• Online forum with tech expert to guide you
• Ready Internship For Best Performing Participants

Application Process:
1. Register through the link bit.ly/TalentsBuildup
2. You will receive a confirmation message immediately that you have registered on our platform.
3. Our admissions team will reach out to you to schedule an interview to discuss the admission procedure and inform you about the scholarship terms and conditions.
4. If admitted, you will receive the admission letter and acceptance letter.
5. Training syllabus and commencement information.

Available Courses and Mode of Training
• Web Front-End Development: Physical Class Only
• Data Analytics and Visualization: Physical and Virtual Class
• Digital Marketing Master Classes: Physical and Virtual Class
• Renewable/Solar Power Installation: Physical Class Only

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  • Olowu Adedoyin Adesina
    Posted at 23:18h, 16 June Reply

    This is a thoughtful and welcoming initiative at a crucial time like this. I see these programs benefiting and transforming a lot of youth in taking up proactive responsibilities towards solving agitating & crucial matters in the society through relevant computer technology. Upward ever & downward never 720degreehub.

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